Welcome to my Store!

Just as every other lover of Nixie Tubes I have my story of how I discovered the warm glow and my fascination with neon bulbs and tubes. I was first introduced to the mysteries of neon bulbs by my father when he started building ‘Nothing Boxes’ when I was 7 or 8 years old. Theses boxes were nothing more than 8 neon bulbs wired up as semi-independent relaxation oscillators.

I did not start seeing nixie tubes until I was in my 20s or 30s. Sadly, being broke through most of that time (the marvels of youth) I did not build my first clock until my 40s. It always bothered me that we had these wonderful tubes from the 50s/60s and used processors from the 90s to run them. That is when I ran across a circuit for a ring counter using neon bulbs. By golly, I knew I found my clock. I then set out to build my NixieNeon clock. The clock that inspired the name of this site.

This site is run by me, Joe Croft. The site will hopefully grow with all sorts of various electronic, nixie and neon bulb information and links.  Visit my store, look around, most importantly enjoy! I currently have two kits available. The NixieNeon and the NixieStar. More clocks will follow in time (pun intended) though they may not all be Nixie Tube clocks.